The Souls of the Just are in the Hand of God – Reprise

Salve Sancta Mater Dei

Much to my dismay, life has gotten in the way of regular blog posts. Forgive me for cheating and reposting last year’s All Souls’  Day piece, and please join me in prayer for the souls of all the faithful departed.

Today we celebrate the feast of All Souls Day. Like yesterday, we once again gather to rejoice in the communion of saints- celebrating the unbroken unity that is the Church Triumphant (those in Heaven), the Church Suffering (beloved souls in Purgatory), and the Church Militant (those of us on earth striving to reach our eternal beatitude). While yesterday’s solemnity was a joyous celebration of virtues of those saints who stand in perpetual adoration of the Lamb of God, today’s celebration is a more subdued supplication for our beloved siblings in Christ who- though saved- have yet to reach the eternal celestial joy of the saints. The Church teaches that Purgatory is the…

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