Veni, Sancte Spiritus- Feast of Pentecost, Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help 2012

This statue has been carried in procession for generations, and is believed to have been a favorite of Sr. Adele’s ©, 2011-2012

Today we celebrate the birthday of the Church- the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who empowers us with the same faithful, dynamic Spirit of Love as He did St. Peter and the Apostles two millennia ago. I had the privilege of celebrating this Feast at one of my favorite places on Earth: the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, in Champion, Wisconsin. (

Statue of Our Lady carried in procession ©, 2012

Those of you who are frequent visitors to Salve Sancta Mater Dei, may recall from my previous posts (such as, that the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help is the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. It was here in 1859, that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a young Belgian immigrant woman, named Adele Brise, and commissioned her to “gather the children of this wild country, . . . and teach them what they need to know for salvation.” Here, on this very spot, the Queen of Heaven condescended from Her Heavenly throne to attend to the catechetical needs of Her children on the wild frontier of the young United States. Over the years, my family has had the honor of spending quite a bit of time at this miraculous location.

©, 2012

My son K.J. has blogged extensively regarding this spiritual haven on his site at; last year penning a 10 –part series on the history of the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament ©, 2012

It is tradition that each year on the last Sunday of May, Holy Mass is celebrated outdoors, to accommodate the crowd. Often the Bishop of Green Bay presides, concelebrating with the Shrine Rector and local priests. Hundreds – often thousands of voices glorifying God, and singing sweet songs of gratitude to Our Lady for Her intercession. Each year, there is a procession around the grounds that were miraculously spared the ravages of the Pestigo Fire, which killed over 2,000 neighboring settlers in 1871. In addition to Holy Mass and the Rosary procession, we worship our Lord during Benediction as the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and carried in procession.

Fr. Peter Stryker, CPM and Fr. Jewel Aytona, CPM ©, 2012

Again this year, my family had the honor of participating in this grace-filled event: my boys served, and my girls helped to carry the banner of Our Lady during the procession. It was a blessing that this year’s May celebration should fall on Pentecost Sunday. Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Peter Stryker CPM, Shrine Rector, and Fr. Jewel Aytona, CPM. The spiritual welfare of tens of thousands of pilgrims who visit the shrine annually is entrusted to these capable Father’s of Mercy.

Knights of Columbus provide a Magnificent Honor Guard for Our Lady ©, 2012

Fr. Stryker graciously shared a written copy of his stirring homily from today’s Mass to post here, as a guest blogger. The photos that are interspersed throughout his homily and this post are from our visit today:

Pentecost Sunday, Year B, 2012- Homily- Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

Homily by Fr. Peter Stryker, CPM 5/27/2012 ©, 2012

More than a century ago – a great sailing ship was stranded off the coast of South America! Week after week the ship lay there in the still waters – without a hint of a breeze. The captain was desperate – because the crew was dying of thirst!

And then, on the far horizon, a steamship appeared – headed directly toward them. And as the steamship drew closer – the captain called out: “We need water! Give us water!” From the steamship came this reply: “Lower your buckets where you are!”

Well, the captain was furious with such an indifferent response – yet he called out again: “Please, give us water!” From the steamship – came the same reply: “Lower your buckets where you are!” And with that – they sailed away. The captain was beside himself – with anger and despair. Exasperated – he went below deck.

Yet a little while later – when no one was looking – one of the young sailors lowered a bucket into the sea. He tasted what he brought up – and it was perfectly sweet, fresh water! All that time – the ship was just out of sight – of the mouth of the Amazon River! All that time – they had been sitting right on top – of all the fresh water they could ever desire! Sounds incredible! Yet that situation can happen anytime and anyplace – when it comes to the fresh spiritual water superabundantly available – through the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit!

Christ be Our Life . . . . ©, 2012

How many Christians feel just kind of out of it – just kind of totally drained – when it comes to supernatural direction and inspiration? We all need people in our lives – who can direct us and inspire us on a natural level – so as to help us along in ordinary ways. It’s a fact – that we definitely need one another! Yet it is all the more necessary – that we have a divine person in our life – a God-person – who will direct us and inspire us on a supernatural level. The Holy Spirit is that God-person – the God-person whose mission it is – to fill us with the life and love of Jesus! Thus God the Holy Spirit is that God-person who is – as Jesus tells us in John 16 – “the Spirit of truth”!

How many false and lying spirits are there – in our modern world? False and lying spirits – when it comes to love! False and lying spirits – when it comes to life! False and lying spirits – when it comes to marriage and family! In John 16, Jesus is speaking to his disciples – the first bishops of the Church. And Jesus is speaking especially to Peter – the first pope of the Church!

Eucharistic Procession, Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help ©, 2012

Jesus guarantees his disciples – a charism. And of course – a charism is a special Holy Spirit gift – for the building up of the common good of the Church! And this particular charism is the ability to teach – without any mistakes – about God, Jesus, and his Church – and about how we are to live our lives! There’s no question about it! The disciples – especially Peter – were blessed with an extraordinary grace! To preach God-given truth – with God-given certainty – through the power of the Holy Spirit!

What happens when people – ignore Church teaching? What happens when people – just do what they want to do? Well, it may happen that their lives – their families – their relationships – will resemble what’s described in Galatians 5. St. Paul says this:

“Now the works of the flesh are obvious: immorality, impurity, lust, idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of fury, acts of selfishness, dissensions, factions, occasions of envy, drinking bouts, orgies, and the like.”

Does that sound beautiful? Does that sound truly desirable? No! Yet we know – that with our fallen human nature – any of us are capable of “works of the flesh.” And such “works of the flesh” cause us – to be trouble-making slaves of sin!

Sr. Adele’s Grave, May She Rest in Peace. ©, 2012

Given that life is short – given that few of us, if any of us – will be here on earth a 100 years from now – it makes sense to want to get it together! It makes sense to say, “The Bible is right! God is right! We cannot get it together – on our own power. This is not a job for Congress – and not a job for the United Nations. We need God the Holy Spirit – as our Advocate!”

This annual celebration of Pentecost – is an excellent time to acknowledge – how much more we could be living – a life of truth! God-given truth! Church-given truth! Truth supercharged – by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Pray for Us! . ©, 2012

Such a life is described in Galatians 5. St. Paul says this:

“[The] fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.”

Beautiful life-giving qualities! And such fruits of the Holy Spirit – flow from the gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety, fortitude, and fear of the Lord.

How are we to welcome the Holy Spirit – into our hearts and lives? With fidelity to Sunday Mass – and frequent sacramental confession! With daily prayer – and especially the Holy Rosary! And with works of mercy! Yet isn’t there one simple way – to grow and develop in the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit?

Yes there is! And from the fifth century – we hear about that one simple way – from St. Augustine. He says this:

“Accordingly, we too receive the Holy Spirit if we love the Church, if we are bound together by love, and if we rejoice in the Catholic name and faith. Let us believe it, brothers and sisters: we will have the Holy Spirit in the same measure that we love the Church of Christ. Moreover, we love the Church when we stand fast in her membership and love.”

Eucharistic Rosary Procession ©, 2012

And to that – we can all say: “Amen! Alleluia!” This is the day we celebrate the fullness of the peace of Christ Jesus – the peace we share as members of the Body of Christ! Our Lord Jesus is the rock solid present-moment offer of grace to us – by the Father – and in the Spirit of God! Jesus says to us today, “Peace be with you” – and, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” Let us eagerly receive the Holy Spirit – so that through us the world may encounter – the Christian mystery of forgiveness and mercy!

Our Lady of Good Help – we long to receive your spouse, the Holy Spirit – and to enjoy free and superabundant access – to fresh spiritual water!

Rev. Peter Stryker, CPM- homily delivered at Pentecost Sunday Mass, May 27, 2012, Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.

Happy Solemnity of Pentecost. May the Holy Spirit fill you with abundance of His many gifts.


Ad Jesum per Mariam,

M.A. J.M.J.

Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help ©, 2012

I Stretch Out My Arms All the Day Long

I Stretch Out My Arms ©, 2012

God has a way of highlighting the relevance of His Word. This morning, as I opened the Divine Office and began the reading for the Fifth Saturday in Lent, I was immediately struck by its relevance to the current political ruckus and our cultural rebellion against everything that is sacred.

“I said: Here I am! Here I am!

To a nation that did not call upon my name.

I have stretched out my hands all the day

to a rebellious people.

Who walk in evil paths and follow their own thoughts.

People who provoke me continually to my face (Isaiah 65:1b-3a).”

Our Lord continues to call “Here I AM! Here I AM!” today. Through His Divine Word we sense His nearness and the urgency of His message. He is the great “I AM” and moment by moment that reality is present to all who answer His eternal call and seek His Divine Presence. Christ perpetually nourishes us with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, ever present under the veil of the Eucharist. He is ready to feed us, to heal us, to care for our every need – if only we “Turn to Him and be saved.”

In Him We Live.... ©, 2012 EA photographer

Yet, this generation is not unlike those in ancient times. We too are a “stiff-necked people.” We continue to be a “nation that did not call upon my name.” Our nation is currently embroiled in a debate regarding religious freedom and politics. At the core of this debate is who we are as a people – are we a nation committed to life, or to death? The current fray over the HHS Mandate is just the most recent example of our nation’s willingness to turn its back on God. The path leading to the subtle erosion of codified religious freedom has been well trod.

As a nation, we have consented to the slaughter of 50 million children since Roe-v-Wade made abortion the law of the land in 1973. Approximately 1.3 million babies die annually because, collectively, we as a nation have chosen to ignore His voice, and to embrace a culture of death. The culture of death distorts promiscuity as freedom, perversion as acceptable, and sickness as health. The bonds of marriage and family life are being redefined, as efforts advance to annihilate this most sacred bedrock of society. Pregnancy is categorized as a preventable disease; the innocence of childhood is destroyed within the hallowed halls of educational institutions. The preciousness of life has been so cheapened that death becomes brokered by professionals whose Hippocratic oath has become nothing more than a mere symbol of an abandoned set of iconic ethical principles. Each of these realities has found legal expression and government oversight. As tax payers we are put in the untenable situation of funding those malignant social agendas we loathe and paying for those causes that splinter the rubric of a functional society.

Love Eternal, Love Divine ©, 2012 EA photographer

For this nation, and others like ours, our Christ “stretched out His hands all the day long.” We are the rebellious ones for whom His Precious Blood was shed. It is for us that the lance was thrust deep into His side, and the blood and water gushed forth to purify us. His Sacred Heart beat for us from the cross, and it was for us that He cried, “Father forgive them, they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).”

We are the people “who walk in evil paths and follow their own thoughts.” We are a people who choose to accept language which minimizes the reality of the sin to which we acquiesce. We have exchanged a love of wisdom for a lust of all that is sensual; and true piety for open ridicule of religious truths.

How long will we choose to “provoke Him continually to His face?” As Holy Week approaches, let us endeavor to change our hearts. For as we begin to change ourselves, so too will our nation begin to change. He is still calling: “Here I AM! Here I AM!” It is for us to turn and answer Him.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week,

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

M.A., J.M.J.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally ©,2012. EA photographer

Do you recall ever wanting to be invisible? As a child, playing hide-n-seek, I remember thinking that it would be really cool to just be invisible. Through the years, I can recall numerous occasions where being invisible would have been desirable, or at the very least saved some embarrassment. For example, I remember looking down at my feet during an early morning board meeting, only to realize that one navy blue pump, and the other jet black one were not a fashion statement I had intended to make. Motherhood itself is replete with instances when invisibility would be boon. Yes, I’d love to witness the diligence of my homeschool pupils on those rare occasions when the older lot are left home to work independently. Just what does happen when my car pulls out of the garage? How many trips to the fridge are required to complete an Algebra lesson? All in all, selective invisibility would be an asset.

500+ Invisible Protesters ©, 2011-2012.

Friday, I and hundreds of others had an opportunity to be invisible. My eight children and I stood shoulder to shoulder with approximately 500-700 other Stand Up for Religious Freedom Protesters, for over an hour in front of the Reuss Federal Building, on busy Wisconsin Avenue, in Downtown Milwaukee. Milwaukee’s finest knew we were there. We were polite and respectful, and so were they. I appreciated that they were there to keep the peace, and safeguard our Constitutional Right to Free Speech. Likewise, the security guards at the Reuss Federal Building were aware of our presence. We interacted with them as they urged us to stay on the sidewalk. The hundreds of motorists who passed by in cars and buses, often honking their support, saw us and responded to our presence. However, none of the Milwaukee news media saw us. Strange, how does one hide such a large crowd of peaceful protesters in the middle of busy city, at noon on a Friday? It is especially surprising when one considers that they were protesting such a hot-button issue in American politics.

It is a lie! ©, 2012.

Such has this skirmish been waged nationwide. We philosophically clash with those who seek to eviscerate our Religious Freedoms, yet that clash is a muffled one. The propaganda of the opposition is widely promulgated with the assent of the liberal media, yet our voices of dissent are silenced. We are invisible.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom ©,2012.

With a stroke of a pen, President Obama and Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, have attempted to force Catholic Americans to choose between the inviolable demands of our consciences and an unjust law. The HHS Mandate would force Catholic, and other religious institutions, to pay for insurance coverage for contraception, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization –without co-pay- for all students and employees. Many of us understand that life is a gift from our Divine Creator, a gift that is given at the moment of natural conception, a gift that lasts until the moment of natural death, when united with Christ, it becomes transformed, and transcends even death for all eternity.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom ©, 2012.

Today’s First Reading speaks of the Eternal Law of God, of His covenant with us. It states: “I will place My Law within them and write it upon their hearts; I will be their God, and they shall be my people (Jeremiah 31: 33).” God’s Law is Eternal, and immutable. It is unchanging. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong; always and forever so. It is written on our very hearts. Politicians come and go, as do their subjective legislative whims. But God’s law emanates from the Wisdom and Love that is His Being Itself. His law cannot be compromised. For when we betray it, we betray Him, and thus betray the deepest longing of our human hearts.

We Stand with the USCCB ©,2012. EA photographer

This is a battle for the hearts and minds of a generation, and the soul of a nation. Invisibility has a way of disappearing at the voting booth. We need to make our voices heard – even if the media outlets refuse to acknowledge our presence.

In today’s Fifth Sunday of Lent Gospel Reading, Our Lord Jesus states:

“Whoever serves me must follow me, where I am, there also my servant will be. The Father will honor whoever serves me (John 12: 26).”

Let Freedom Ring! ©,2012. EA photogrpher

We are at a cross-road. It is decision time. Standing still is not an option- one way or another, we must respond to demands of the moment. We must choose to follow our Savior- even to the cross, obeying the law that is written on our hearts, or choose to follow the whims of those who promote the culture of death.  Following Him means ignoring the cloak of invisibility forced upon our shoulders, and prayerfully speaking the truth- with the assurance that it alone will triumph.


Ad Jesum per Mariam,

M.A. J.M.J.

Religious Bigotry and Obama’s HHS Mandate

One Nation Under God ©, 2011-2012. KJ Photographer

Though the mission of this blog is to be one of “praise and thanksgiving,” every once in awhile I need a good rant. The political posturing of the Obama Administration over the past few weeks has provided a surplus of rant-worthy material; however much of it has been covered in other blogs, thus I need to take a different approach. Anti-Catholic bias in America is nothing new. Our 200 year history is replete with stinging, vile examples of this insidious assault on all things Catholic. Historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr. stated that prejudice against Catholics was: “the deepest bias in the history of the American people.”

I’ll venture a guess that most American Catholics are not aware of the strong history of Catholic persecution and anti-Catholic bigotry in the USA. As George Santayana once stated, “Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.” In light of the Obama Administration’s recent HHS mandate to force all Catholic institutions to purchase insurance products that cover (without co-pay) all FDA approved forms of contraception (pills, IUD’s, Depo, etc), abortifacients, and sterilization, and Secretary of the Army John McHugh’s directive denying Archbishop Broglio’s Constitutional right to have his pastoral letter read by Army chaplains during Sunday Mass – Catholics must conclude that that the Obama Administration has decided that their place in history will also be marked with anti-Catholic intolerance.

Our nation’s past is littered with similar assaults on our right to freedom of religion. In the 17thcentury, anti-Catholic bigotry was reflected in colonial life. Historian John Tracy Ellis reports that a “universal anti-Catholic bias was brought to Jamestown and vigorously cultivated in all thirteen colonies.” Colonial charters and early laws contained explicit prohibition of Catholics and were carefully worded to exclude Catholics from ever obtaining political power. For example, the Colony of Virginia enacted a law in 1642 prohibiting Catholic settlers – an edict replicated by The Massachusetts Bay Colony. A brief period of toleration ended with the repeal of the Toleration Act in 1654, thus essentially declaring open season on Catholics once again. Puritans murdered Catholics and plundered their property. Even Catholic Maryland capitulated, ousting Catholic leaders, forcing Catholics to pay heavy fines and taxes, banning them from political positions, outlawing the Holy Mass, sacraments, and Catholic schools.

Even some of our Founding Fathers preached religious bigotry while penning documents that spoke of God and religious liberty. For example, Thomas Jefferson stated in a December 1813 letter to Alexander von Humbolt: “History, I believe furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government.” Similarly, in 1788 John Jay sought to require members of the New York legislature to take an oath requiring office-holder to denounce the pope and foreign authorities in “all matters civil and ecclesiastical ….”

Freedom of Worship ©, 2011-2012. KJ Photographer

Anti-Catholic prejudice reached new heights in the 19th century. The anti-immigrant feeling was bolstered by anti-Catholic underpinnings. Just like today, prejudice against Catholics was not only socially acceptable, but truly trendy. Like most good fads, everyone who was anyone was doing it. Mark Twain stated in his best-selling book A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court that he had “been educated to enmity toward everything Catholic.” The Nativist movement of the 1840’s and 1850’s was largely responsible for widespread Catholic persecution. This movement was lead by ill-informed Protestant leaders, like Lynn Beecher and Horace Bushnell. They sought to confine Catholics East of the Mississippi. Beecher’s 1835 “Plea for the West” is an example of the fiery rhetoric used to insight hatred against Catholics. Mob violence against Catholics became common-place. Just like in the early colonies, Catholics were beaten, murdered, and had their property burned. Such a mob torched an Ursuline convent in Charlestown, on August 11, 1834.

The “Know Nothing” movement of the 1850’s gave political clout to the bigoted ravings of these mobs, under the auspices of the “American Party.” This party grew out of the numerous anti-Catholic societies of the era, including the Order of united Americans and Order of the Star Spangled Banner. “Know Nothing” referred to the “I know nothing” response that was officially to be given to non-members who queried members about the existence of such clandestine organizations. Their political influence was not insignificant; in November 1854 the Massachusetts “Know Nothings” elected the governor, held every seat in the Senate, and 376 of the 379 seats in the House. The “Know Nothings” carried every New England state in 1855 except Maine, and also won Maryland, and Kentucky, while showing considerable strength throughout the U.S. In 1856, via the “American Party,” the “Know Nothings” ran former President Millard Fillmore for President (unsuccessfully).

Political tensions also escalated over the issue of Catholic Schools. American Parochial Schools were often run by religious sisters. These institutions provided superior education at a modest cost, while insulating the Catholic students from the pagan influences of the larger society. In 1874, Maine’s Republican Senator James G. Blaine proposed an amendment to the Constitution which stipulated that no public land or money, or money derived from a public source “shall ever be under the control of any religious sect.” While the amendment itself was defeated in 1875, the Blaine Amendment served as the boiler-plate for similar amendments that were incorporated into the constitutions of 34 states over the next thirty-years. The Blaine Amendment found a champion in President Ulysses S. Grant. There were many legal tussles over not merely the funding of Catholic schools, but their very right to exist at all. In 1922 the voters of Oregon passed the Compulsory Education Act- or the Oregon School Act. The basic purpose of this initiative was to eliminate all Catholic schools. Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court determined in Pierce v. Society if Sisters (1925)  the Act to be in violation of the Constitution.

From Al Smith’s failed (1928) presidential bid, to John F. Kennedy’s election in 1960, unfounded fears that a Catholic American President would somehow compromise national security and American identity by respecting the authority of the Holy Father played a major role in presidential politics.

Please Pray for Our Bishops! ©, 2011-2012. KJ Photographer

It absolutely amazes me that a country with more than 68.5 million registered Catholics could passively accept such pervasive religious intolerance. According to a 2011 Georgetown study, Catholics comprise 22% of the American population; more than 77.7 million Americans identify themselves as Catholic. The United States is home to the fourth largest Catholic population in the World. Data from 2008 demonstrates that there are more that 626 Catholic Hospital Systems in the U.S.; these healthcare systems comprise the nation’s largest group of nonprofit systems, with an annual budget of 84.6 Billion dollars – including the 5.7 billion in donated care annually.

We care for the poor, educate the ignorant, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, comfort the sorrowing, and bury the dead – in a way that provides more services than any other comprehensive charitable effort in the U.S. Yet, as a group we remain the most politically correct entity to slam and against which to discriminate. As the historian John Higham once noted, anti-Catholic bias is “the most luxuriant, tenacious tradition of paranoiac agitation in American history.”

With the line drawn in the sand by HHS secretary Sebelius and the Obama Administration, I fear things will only get worse. Thank Heaven (literally, please!) for leadership of our Bishops, beginning with Cardinal Elect Dolan’s response that this edict offers Catholics “a year in which to figure out how to violate our consciences.” Kudos to the 160+ Bishops who have written to their flock, and publicly renounced this unjust law.

Please pray for our Bishops- that they may be imbued with the grace, wisdom and courage requisite this present darkness. Please pray for our Nation’s leaders that they might dust off the Constitution, and act as statesmen rather than mere politicians. Please pray for our fellow citizens that we might all truly be One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.

God Bless You!



For additional information on the history of Catholics in America, you may wish to pick up a copy of: Christ in the Americas by Anne W. Carroll, TAN Books, 1997.

The Invisible March For Life 2012

March For Life Jan. 23, 2013 Photo courtesy of Fr. Rocky Relevant Radio

How do you annually hide hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters from the main-stream media? Have them congregate on the National Mall, and peacefully march up Constitution Avenue to the steps of the Supreme Court. Invite political heavy-weights like Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Religious leaders like Cardinal Elect-Dolan to address the crowd, along with other senators, congressmen, and newsmakers.

The 39th Anniversary of the Roe – v – Wade debacle was again marked in Washington D.C. with the annual March For Life. The peaceful demonstration draws estimated crowds of nearly 500,000, yet year after year the main-stream media fails to cover it. The few photos that surface are invariably distorted. These photos are taken from such angles as to misrepresent the few pro-abortionists as being equal in number to the pro-lifers. This year there is a photo of an older sister (in habit) who appears to be wagging her finger and a group of pro- abortionists. This photo is carefully crafted to give the impression that contentious exchanges between mature nuns and youthful pro-abortionists are taking place on every street corner; hardly a reality. Perhaps this sister is merely saying something as disagreeable as “I’ll pray for you.” or “Excuse me, is this your Blackberry?” The hundreds of thousands of faithful, joyful hearts, united in a common respect for the dignity of human life are invisible to the mainstream press.

Equally transparent are the courageous voices of such respected leaders as: Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who noted that coming from a family with 12 children, being a pro-lifer isn’t just a political position, it is “who I am.” Boehner told the crowd that

“When we affirm our commitment to life, we affirm our commitment to liberty and freedom. When our commitment to life is diminished, our commitment to freedom is diminished.”

The Speaker of the House noted that he represents a bipartisan majority, a majority that opposes tax-payer funding of abortion. Boehner closed by bidding the Marchers: “God go with all of you today, and God Bless America!” Likewise the co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, New Jersey’s Chris Smith urged the crowds on with:

“Mr. President, killing babies is not an American value! Mr. President, stop violating conscience rights!  Mr. President, stop exporting abortion!”

Pro-Life Wisconsin Protects Life! Photo Courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

Smith ominously warned that a second Obama term would result in even greater assaults on the unborn, as tax-payer funded abortion is elevated to a “health” care right. With the assault on conscience that Obama delivered to Cardinal-elect Dolan this week, it is clear that Smith’s warning heralds a truly sinister threat.

Credible speaker after speaker braved the cold, damp D.C. day to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the hundreds of thousands of brave souls united in defense of vulnerable life, on this anniversary of state sanctioned death. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Tom Price of Georgia, Todd Akin of Missouri,  Jim Sensenbrenner and Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, joined representatives, from: Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Iowa, Virginia, and Louisiana in voicing their opposition to the unmitigated slaughter of human life which was legalized 39 years ago under Roe –v- Wade.

Free to Be Born! Photo Courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

This year again the kids and I sat glued to the couch, flipping channels between C-SPAN and EWTN as we watched hundreds of thousands of faithful individuals and families give witness to the sanctity of human life. We watched as our friends from Pro-Life Wisconsin marched toward the Supreme Court, carrying their banner and our hopes high. We Tweeted and followed along on Facebook, praying for Fr. Rocky, Drew Mariani, Bishop Ricken and our friends from Relevant Radio and the Green Bay Diocese as they defended the unborn with their very presence. What a Civics lesson! History was made, and again the mainstream media turned a blind eye. However, the truth that so frightens the pro-death proponents as to force them to squelch the visible reality of the March For Life will prevail. Those of us who were present only in prayer and spirit can insure that this truth is spread. For the sake of the voiceless, we will pray, we will defend life, and we will vote!

May God Bless You,