The Invisible March For Life 2012

March For Life Jan. 23, 2013 Photo courtesy of Fr. Rocky Relevant Radio

How do you annually hide hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters from the main-stream media? Have them congregate on the National Mall, and peacefully march up Constitution Avenue to the steps of the Supreme Court. Invite political heavy-weights like Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Religious leaders like Cardinal Elect-Dolan to address the crowd, along with other senators, congressmen, and newsmakers.

The 39th Anniversary of the Roe – v – Wade debacle was again marked in Washington D.C. with the annual March For Life. The peaceful demonstration draws estimated crowds of nearly 500,000, yet year after year the main-stream media fails to cover it. The few photos that surface are invariably distorted. These photos are taken from such angles as to misrepresent the few pro-abortionists as being equal in number to the pro-lifers. This year there is a photo of an older sister (in habit) who appears to be wagging her finger and a group of pro- abortionists. This photo is carefully crafted to give the impression that contentious exchanges between mature nuns and youthful pro-abortionists are taking place on every street corner; hardly a reality. Perhaps this sister is merely saying something as disagreeable as “I’ll pray for you.” or “Excuse me, is this your Blackberry?” The hundreds of thousands of faithful, joyful hearts, united in a common respect for the dignity of human life are invisible to the mainstream press.

Equally transparent are the courageous voices of such respected leaders as: Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who noted that coming from a family with 12 children, being a pro-lifer isn’t just a political position, it is “who I am.” Boehner told the crowd that

“When we affirm our commitment to life, we affirm our commitment to liberty and freedom. When our commitment to life is diminished, our commitment to freedom is diminished.”

The Speaker of the House noted that he represents a bipartisan majority, a majority that opposes tax-payer funding of abortion. Boehner closed by bidding the Marchers: “God go with all of you today, and God Bless America!” Likewise the co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, New Jersey’s Chris Smith urged the crowds on with:

“Mr. President, killing babies is not an American value! Mr. President, stop violating conscience rights!  Mr. President, stop exporting abortion!”

Pro-Life Wisconsin Protects Life! Photo Courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

Smith ominously warned that a second Obama term would result in even greater assaults on the unborn, as tax-payer funded abortion is elevated to a “health” care right. With the assault on conscience that Obama delivered to Cardinal-elect Dolan this week, it is clear that Smith’s warning heralds a truly sinister threat.

Credible speaker after speaker braved the cold, damp D.C. day to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of the hundreds of thousands of brave souls united in defense of vulnerable life, on this anniversary of state sanctioned death. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Tom Price of Georgia, Todd Akin of Missouri,  Jim Sensenbrenner and Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, joined representatives, from: Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Iowa, Virginia, and Louisiana in voicing their opposition to the unmitigated slaughter of human life which was legalized 39 years ago under Roe –v- Wade.

Free to Be Born! Photo Courtesy of Pro-Life Wisconsin

This year again the kids and I sat glued to the couch, flipping channels between C-SPAN and EWTN as we watched hundreds of thousands of faithful individuals and families give witness to the sanctity of human life. We watched as our friends from Pro-Life Wisconsin marched toward the Supreme Court, carrying their banner and our hopes high. We Tweeted and followed along on Facebook, praying for Fr. Rocky, Drew Mariani, Bishop Ricken and our friends from Relevant Radio and the Green Bay Diocese as they defended the unborn with their very presence. What a Civics lesson! History was made, and again the mainstream media turned a blind eye. However, the truth that so frightens the pro-death proponents as to force them to squelch the visible reality of the March For Life will prevail. Those of us who were present only in prayer and spirit can insure that this truth is spread. For the sake of the voiceless, we will pray, we will defend life, and we will vote!

May God Bless You,


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